Research on Computer Simulation of Knee Airbag

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In vehicle frontal impact accidents, lower extremities are easily injured. And installing the knee airbag in the car is one of the effective measures of protecting the lower extremities. The paper studied and summarized the design and the development of the knee airbag. The size and the shape of the knee airbag were designed according to the coverage zone, and the accuracy of the coverage zone of the knee airbag was validated using the MADYMO. Finally, the frontal impact sled model was established, and the knee airbag model was combined with the sled model. The knee airbag can not only provide protection of the lower extremity but also increase the overall performance of the restraint system by comparing the movement state and injury of the dummy before and after the installation of the knee airbag.


Lower limbs protection Knee airbag Computer simulation MADYMO 


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