Cana Cloning and Plant Expression Vector Construction of Soybean 11s Glycerin Gy3

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The RNA was extracted from immature seeds of soybean and it is directly used in single-stranded dank synthetic reaction. According to soybean 11s glycerin Gy3 coda sequences in gene bank, a pair of primers was designed. Double-stranded coda was amplified by PCR. The amplified Gy3 coda was cloned into plasmid pMD19-T and sequenced. Fragment of the Gy3 coda in the recombinant plasmid was cut with Xbox I/bah I and ligated with plasmid pbi121, and then a plant expression vector was constructed. It includes camv35 proctor, nose terminator and no-II gene.


Soybean Gy3 Coda Clone Plant expression vector 


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