Research on Bicycle Rental Business Strategy

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with the continuous improvement of infrastructure in Chongqing University City and entrance of various colleges, the bicycle rental business in this area is booming. However, under the influence of traditional business strategies, the pressure of competition is aggravating. From the perspective of business owners, based on the social background and real conditions of Chongqing University City, this paper analyzed the weakness of traditional price-centered mode and promotion-centered mode. Based on the field investigation this paper provides marketing strategies, that to regular customers (account for 60 %) Rolling Steel Club may cooperate with college organizations to build interactive platforms for identifying customers and improving their loyalty; to loyal customers (account for 32 %) it may identify their specific needs and interests to increase their stickiness. In line with Chongqing University City and its reality, this paper designs a brand new Red Tour on Bicycle travel service, by collaborating with travel agencies Rolling Stone might explore more win–win business opportunities in tour industry.


Chongqing university city Bicycle rental Business strategy E-marketing 


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