Intelligent Application Service System Based on VNC

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The application service system has been greatly developed and used in recent years. This paper makes an introduction to current situation of Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology and RFB (Remote Frame Buffer) Protocol, and the inadequacy of VNC technology and RFB Protocol. In order to make it more suitable for the Enterprise application service system, we study out an IAP Protocol (Intrusion Alert Protocol) based on RFB. With the outstanding features of safety and compatibility, we work out an intelligent application service system based on IAP which remarkably improves the efficiency of Enterprise application service system. The intelligent application service system is designed to achieve a variety of applications for the enterprises, not only to meet the needs of the application level, but also has high reliability and interactivity.


VNC technology Application service system Network access terminal Protocol 


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  1. 1.Information Engineering Department Chongqing City Management CollegeHuxi ShapingbaChina

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