Patent Analysis Based on Information in XML Documents

  • Yanling Wang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 218)


This paper set out to explore the information in extensible markup language (XML) documents for patent analysis. Patent information in the XML form has been carried out by WIPO for nearly 20 years. Conforming to the unified structure document of XML—document type definitions (DTD), the XML documents can be utilized by different patent analyzers in different countries with the same tags, identifiers, and elements, etc. The types of patent make a difference of the structure of patent information. After studying thoroughly the information in the XML documents and the classification of the information, this paper tries to find how the patent information in the XMLs can be served as a data basis for patent analysis. With the development of patent information in XML forms, the main patent offices worldwide not only publish patent application and granted bibliographic data every week on line but transformed the published patent data during the early period (before 1995) into XML documents. Patent information in XML documents is another very important data resource for patent information sharing, communicating, inquiring, and utilizing. The automatic tracking, extraction, and database producing is one of the most important research area in the future.


XML Patent information Patent analysis 


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