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Taoism clean government culture refers to the clean government culture in Taoism thoughts and Taoism culture. The Taoism clean government culture is a kind of new concept and culture that abstracts the honest and clean government in Taoism. “The true object of the Dao is the regulation of the person. Quite subordinate to this is its use in the management of the state and the clan; while the government of the kingdom is but the dust and refuse of it” the core connotation and basic value of Taoism clean government culture lie in the cultivation of one’s soul and morality. The cultivation of one’s soul and morality is not only the way of running the state, but also the basis of running the state. The leaders should actively learn from the Taoism clean government culture so as to learn to make the state better.


Taoism clean government culture Cultivate one’s morality 


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