Rural Financial System Reform and Practice in Western China

  • Youbi Mao
Conference paper
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Rural financial system reform is a key area of focus for the development of the “countryside, agriculture and farmers” problem in China. According to some surveys, Western regions in China have achieved outstanding results in speeding up the innovation of rural financial institutions, financial systems and products. In the process, good experiences have been summarized, and the development of rural economy has been promoted. At the same time, the narrow scope of financial business in the countryside, high risk of agricultural loans, difficulties in mortgage loan securities, unsound credit system and other factors have also restricted the development of rural finance. Therefore, in the process of rural financial system reform in western regions in China, it is still necessary to broaden the scope of financial services, intensify the innovation of product, develop agricultural insurance and sound risk control mechanisms, promote rural financial ecological environment, and to improve the external areas such as a financial supervision system to seek new breakthroughs.


Western regions in China Rural financial system Rural financial reform 


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