Research on Economy Increasing Based on Terraced Fields Development

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The paper applies the statistical software to analyze the impact of terraced fields on the macroeconomic growth and income of residents during the past two decades (1985–2004) in Ansai County. The results show that before 1996 terraced fields developed rapidly and rose 95.57 % in one decade while the annual average growth of terraced fields is 1.5576 ten-thousand-mus. And it played an important role for local growth of agriculture economy, grain output and residents’ income which had rose up to 1,126 yuan from 187.65 yuan. Because of oil production, after 1996 the economy changed greatly. In 2003 the total industrial production rose 975.4 % comparing with the one in 1995 while the oil production raised 27.65 ten-thousand-tons which had a very important role for local economy. But the construction of terrace became stable, and its impact on local economy and residents’ income was relatively weaker.


Ansai Water and soil conservation Terrace 


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