Distribution of Mn, Pb and Zn Microelements in Agricultural Soil

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Weinan area collecting Agricultural soil samples, using laboratory analysis methods, systematic study the contents and spatial distribution characteristics of manganese, Pb and zinc in soil of the Weinan region. Weinan average soil manganese content is 412.41 ppm. From the Northeast to the Midwest or from the Southeast to the Midwest, the content of manganese in Weinan soil showed increasing trend; Weinan average concent of Pb in soil is around 59.24 ppm, distribution of the southeastern is the highest content of the Ministry of counties, Tongguan County average concent of Pb in soil is up to 110 ppm; from the south-east of Tongguan, Huaxian reduced to other counties. Soil contents of zinc in Weinan change little in both counties around 50 ppm.


Weinan Agricultural soil Microelements 


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