Study on Basic Medical Insurance Fund Revenue and Expenditure Risk Early Warning System

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Promoting the establishment of the social security fund revenue and expenditure risk warning system is helpful for improving the risk management of the fund and transforming the risk management from post-discovering risk and post-reducing loss to prior-warning and prior-resolving risk. In this paper, by taking the urban labors basic medical insurances fund revenue and expenditure risk warning as a study point and referring to domestic and foreign literatures, the necessity, intension, principle, and warning indexes selection for the establishment of risk early warning system are analyzed and studied. On such a basis, a certain number of indexes are selected for preliminarily constructing a risk early warning system, and then risk early warning system solutions are proposed.


Basic medical insurances fund Revenue and expenditure risk Risk early warning system 



The State Natural Sciences Foundation Youth Project—Research on the Social Medical Insurance Fund Operation Balance Mechanism Based On the Chronic Health Educational Experiment of Insured Labors (No. 71103033).


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  1. 1.Department of InsurancesSchool of Public Health, Southeast UniversityNanjingChina

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