Practical Exploration and Thoughts on Model of Clinical Legal Education–Legal Aid

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It is the common target for Clinical Legal Education and legal aid to provide legal service for the society and maintain the fairness and justice of the society governed by law. The implementation of legal aid works can be promoted through Clinical Legal Education and the Clinical Legal Education can be carried out through legal aid. In this way, the complementary advantages of both can be realized in a relatively good manner and mutual development can be promoted. In recent years, our school has implemented the courses of Clinical Legal Education, and made active explorations and practices on the interaction with public welfare legal aid organizations. It has made arranged the existing problems in the interaction model of “Clinical Legal Education–legal aid” and put forward corresponding countermeasures.


Clinical legal education Professional skills Legal aid 



Foundation project: staggered results of Higher Education Teaching Reformation Research Project “Innovations of Clinical Legal Education model and Construction of Long-term Efficient Mechanism” (Project Number: 113117).


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