Research on Development of Yi Folk Resources Based on Holding Festivals

  • Xue Xiao
Conference paper
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The most attractive program in Liangshan tourism, Yi folklore tourism development in holding all kinds of cultural festivals plays an important role in displaying Yi folk culture, establishing a good image and promoting Liangshan economic development. However, there are some problems in the developing process. This paper analyzes these perplexities in order to awake more people to pay enough attention to promote Yi folklore tourism development.


Yi people in liangshan Folk customs Tourism development Cultural festivals Reflection 



The study on which this paper was based was supported by Ministry of Education College Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Project (No. 12YJCZH224) and Research Center for Sichuan Tourism Culture Project (LYM11-32).The financial support to this study is greatly appreciated. Authors gratefully thank the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments on this manuscript.


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