Practical Application of Creative Education in College Football Teaching

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Based on the basic situation of football education in several sports colleges, this paper focuses on the problem crux affecting the comprehensive students’ quality improvement and teaching effect in the sports college football education, proposes the creative education program in accordance with the current teaching reform situation, and proves the good effects of creative education in the penetration of football teaching, so as to suggest creative education method for the sustainable development of sports college football education and provide some theoretical help for implementing the teaching reform of scientific development concept in accordance with the requirements of our country at this stage, and finally lays a solid theoretical foundation for teaching comprehensive and outstanding talent for the sound development of China’s sports.


Football education College Application 


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  1. 1.Sports DepartmentGuangdong Peizheng CollegeGuangdongChina
  2. 2.Football Teaching and Research SectionGuangzhou Sports CollegeGuangzhouChina

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