Research of Teaching Environment of P.E

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Teaching of human beings can never be conducted without the support of environment. The elements of teaching environment are in all of aspects and stages of teaching in different forms, and imperceptibly influence the teaching process and effect. It has become an important issue that needs carefully studying in modern physical education to correctly know the roles of teaching environment in education, how to successfully create a good teaching environment which may be more suitable for and promote teaching better. In the paper, the concept, the constituents and design principles of the teaching environment of P.E. are further researched by using documents and materials and interviewing experts to provide references for further research into physical education environment.


Teaching environment Teaching environment of P.E. Design Elements 


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  • Qiang Zhang
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  • Shuai Chen
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  • Quanzhong Zhao
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  1. 1.Northeast Normal UniversityChangchunChina

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