Humanistic Value of Sport and Spirit of Sports

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With the development of time and progress of social, sports functions and role play are constantly changing, the traditional focus on sport and physical values of the body must be the direction to the spiritual and psychological transformation. The reality of human society, individuals, groups and organizations are inseparable from the concern for people’s own property, sports, too, as an integral part of people’s spiritual culture, the spirit of sport is only a general understanding of the current sports and sublimation, also people has to further improve the understanding of sports to fundamentally improve people’s health. From the general sense of the sports, people pay more attention to physical sports, very few people to study the spirit of sports. Or that the considerable number of people will confuse the spirit of sport and mental health, and that the spirit of sport is mental health. In fact, the spirit of sports from more in-depth, broader and higher level of understanding of the function and value of sports, mental health is just one part.


Mental sport Sports culture Human values 


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