• Mukesh G. Harisinghani
  • Arumugam Rajesh


37 year old female with persistent, asymptomatic microscopic hematuria. Imaging Findings CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis with intravenous and oral contrast demonstrates the absence of a kidney in the expected location of the left renal fossa. A portion of the right kidney is noted (arrow in Fig. 2.1a). Note the flattened appearance of the left adrenal gland (the “lying down”) compatible with a congenitally absent left renal fossa. Figure 2.1b demonstrates a displaced left kidney across the midline which is fused with a caudally located right kidney. Figure 2.1c (obtained during a delayed portion of this exam to opacify the collecting system) demonstrates the normal entry zone of both ureters (arrows).


Adrenal Gland Image Finding Left Kidney Intravenous Contrast Renal Mass 
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