Matrix Algebra and Balances

  • Enrique Querol
  • Borja Gonzalez-Regueral
  • Jose Luis Perez-Benedito
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For the mathematical representation of a process and for the achievement of mass, energy and exergy balances of the system, the incidence matrix is described and determined, for the subsystem of a process, piece of equipment by piece of equipment and for the two subsystems. It has also being defined and determined for the process as a whole, with the aim to establish the advantages and disadvantages of using a certain aggregation level, in addition to the equivalence between using a higher or lower one. In each case the mass, energy and exergy balances have been calculated, discussing the results obtained. As a final step, final thoughts over the advisability of using different levels of aggregation and the quality of the data which would be obtained are presented.


Aggregation Level Incidence Matrix Incidence Matrice Exergy Destruction High Aggregation Level 
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  • Enrique Querol
    • 1
  • Borja Gonzalez-Regueral
    • 1
  • Jose Luis Perez-Benedito
    • 2
  1. 1.School of Mining EngineeringTechnical University of Madrid (UPM)MadridSpain
  2. 2.Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering SchoolTechnical University of Madrid (UPM)MadridSpain

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