Body Dysmorphic Disorder

  • Tien V. Nguyen
  • Jillian W. Wong
  • John Koo
Part of the Clinical Cases in Dermatology book series (CLIDADE)


Ms. Rose is a 36 year-old attractive Caucasian woman, who presented with “numerous sun spots” appearing within the last 2 years on the face. She reported that these sunspots had been increasing in number and causing her significant psychological distress, as she felt compelled to check on them constantly (i.e., spending hours in the bathroom inspecting these spots). She had no other medical problems. She was not on any medications and denied any recreational drug use. Physical examination revealed nearly perfect skin with no grossly visible lesions. Yet, she reported having seen several dermatologists and plastic surgeons because she felt depressed about her sunspots.


Plastic Surgeon Recreational Drug Body Dysmorphic Disorder Visible Lesion Delusional Disorder 
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  • Tien V. Nguyen
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  • Jillian W. Wong
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  • John Koo
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