Summary of MitraClip Clinical Data and Approach to Patient Selection

  • Ehrin J. Armstrong
  • Jason Rogers


Since its initial conception as a percutaneous approach to mitral valve repair, MitraClip therapy has undergone extensive clinical testing and refinement. Through these studies, we have gained an increased understanding of the spectrum of patients who benefit from this procedure and the longer-term effects of MitraClip therapy on MR and patient outcomes. In this chapter, we review the major results of the US-based EVEREST studies, including the safety and feasibility trial, the pivotal randomized trial, and the high-risk registry. We then discuss the published experience of case series and registries from Europe. Surgical repair after initial MitraClip therapy is also discussed. Although there have been over 5,000 global implants at the time of publication of this atlas, it is notable that only a single randomized trial has been completed. This chapter concludes with a discussion of high-risk subgroups of patients that may particularly benefit from MitraClip therapy.


MitraClip Clinical trials EVEREST study Mitral regurgitation 


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