3D Transesophageal Echo-Guided MitraClip Treatment of P3 Mitral Valve Prolapse



This case highlights the use of 3D transesophageal echo imaging to guide the placement of a MitraClip for treatment of P3 prolapse. In such cases, the usual 2D views may not adequately allow for assessment of clip perpendicularity. Real-time 3D imaging allows for assessment of perpendicularity and should be used in cases with either very medial (A3/P3) or lateral (A1/P1) prolapse.


Mitral regurgitation MitraClip Three-dimensional Mitral valve prolapse 


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  • Martin J. Swaans
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  • Jan A. S. Van der Heyden
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  1. 1.Department of CardiologySt. Antonius HospitalNieuwegeinThe Netherlands

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