Clinical Relevance of Meniscus in the Treatment of the ACL-Deficient Knee: The Real Value of Meniscal Transplantation

  • Joan Carles Monllau
  • Marc Tey
  • Pablo Eduardo Gelber
  • Juan Erquicia
  • Xavier Pelfort
  • Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso


Both the meniscus and ACL are frequently injured in sports-related trauma. Regardless of the knee stability obtained after ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy accelerates degenerative joint changes. Although the ability of the meniscal tissue to heal is known to be limited, its repair at the time of ACL reconstruction has the best chance of healing and so it is currently done by most knee surgeons. ACL-deficient patients with a significant meniscal defect, particularly on the medial side, might benefit from the increase in stability provided by a meniscal transplantation carried out at the time of ACL reconstruction.


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Lateral meniscus transplantation. Surgical technique. Bonus track: medial and lateral meniscal implants (ACTIFIT) + ACL reconstruction (BTPB) (MP4 520123 kb)


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