“Autopsy Eye” — the Eye in Systemic Disease

  • William R. Lee


It may seem illogical to regard an eye removed at autopsy as a separate entity to that removed surgically. However, this chapter is written specifically with the general pathologist in mind because there are occasions when the question arises, before or during an autopsy — should the eye be removed? Obviously the procedure is essential if there is a definite history of visual disturbance and a record of attendance at an eye clinic. However, the eye is frequently involved as part of a systemic disease, e.g. vascular disease and diabetes, in metabolic or haematological disorders, e.g. leukaemia, in the collagenoses and in systemic inflammatory disease and as such is worthy of study and documentation. In neurological disease, e.g. the sphingolipidoses, the cerebral pathology is often mirrored in the eye.


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