Patterns of Internet Use by Coastal Managers: Results of a Survey

  • Emma Woodward
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Patterns of Internet use for coastal management purposes were investigated for the period June/July 2000. Results were obtained through paper-based and online questionnaires. A separate screening survey gave an indication of the likely demographics of the online questionnaire respondents. Eighty-seven responses were obtained from 21 countries, with the majority from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. The results suggest that online participants were most likely to be male, aged 25–39, live in the city, and be employed by the government at a State or Provincial level. The research questionnaire administered to around 200 people at a conference returned 99 responses, whilst the questionnaire available on the Web returned 66 responses. Coastal managers communicate online most frequently with practitioners from their own region. They are most likely to only access information from Web sites originating within their own region or from Web sites originating in North America.


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