Self-assessment of Consumptive Behavior Based on Material Intensity

  • Andreas Niederl
  • Roman Mesicek
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This chapter describes the development of a questionnaire for the self-assessment of consumptive behavior. After pointing out the importance of the material flows created by society, We argue that one way to reverse the current trend is a change in consumption patterns. An important precondition for such a change is problem awareness. Offering online information can contribute to such awareness. Therefore an online questionnaire has been developed identifying direct and indirect resource consumption. The questionnaire allows to spot the material flows caused by their consumptive behavior in selected areas and inspires to rethink current practices. Material flow analysis (MFA) serves as the methodological basis and material intensity per unit of service (MIPS) as the respective indicator. The consumption clusters with the highest relevance are those which are environmentally significant and can also be influenced by the individual. After identifying these clusters, the process of creating the questionnaire is presented.


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  • Roman Mesicek

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