Bone Banks: Technical Aspects of the Preparation and Preservation of Articular Allografts

  • D. G. Poitout
  • Y. Nouaille-de-Gorce


For the technical aspects of this subject the Marseilles team collaborated with the Etablissement de Transfusion Sanguine Alpes-Provence (Alpes-Provence Blood Transfusion Service) to set up a bone bank on their premises because it has a competent cryobiology department equipped with storage tanks containing liquid nitrogen and a temperature-lowering programmer. This laboratory, which for a long time has been storing bone marrow, platelets, and various cryopreserved tissues, has the virology, bacteriology, quality control, and quality assurance laboratories of the Blood Transfusion Service and is accustomed to applying the transfusion safety standards. It was also one of the first in France to obtain the approval of the Microbiological Safety Committee of the Directorate General of Health in April 1996.


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