Long Bone Metastasis

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  • B. L. Allende


Malignant metastatic tumors are the most common bone neoplasms. The skeleton is often affected by metastasic cancer, and the discovery of a long-bone metastasis may be the first symptom of the primary disease. Nearly every malignant neoplasm has been described as having the capability to metastasize to bone; tumors of breast, prostate, thyroid, lung, and kidney are the most common bone-seeking malignant lesions, and between 50 and 85% of affected patients will have bone metastasis at one point of their disease [1,2,3]. Breast and prostate cancer alone account for more than 80% of metastasic bone disease. The capacity of the neoplastic cells to invade bone is related to the histology and to the aggressiveness of the primary tumor.


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