Concluding Remarks: Today’s Vision of Envisioning the Semantic Future

  • Vladimir Geroimenko
  • Chaomei Chen


In this book, we have explored some significant topics in the emerging research area of visualizations for the Semantic Web. A new version of the Web is a vision that is incredibly quickly becoming a reality. Visual techniques and metaphors that the Second-Generation Web is bringing to life depend very much on its future implementations and building blocks. No one can predict how the real-life development of the Semantic Web will turn out, and what novel visualization techniques will be needed. Because of this, drawing a more or less detailed picture of the new research area will be possible only as a result of several years of thorough exploration, and we hope that with our pioneering book we help to make it happen sooner. As with any other novel area, we were trying our best to investigate the topics that seem to be of primary importance at this moment in time. We think that in general we have achieved our goal and that the reader will not judge us too severely for not presenting those aspects that could not be covered today because they require research that can be done only after the main structure of the Semantic Web has been implemented.


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  • Chaomei Chen

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