Ring Resonators

  • Norman Hodgson
  • Horst Weber


In linear resonators, the interference of the two counterpropagating waves generates a modulation of the intensity along the optical axis. As discussed in Sec. 9.5.2, the intracavity intensity distribution of an axial mode of order q outside the active medium reads:
$$ I\left( z \right) = {I_0}\left[ {1 - \frac{{2R}}{{1 + {R^2}}}\cos \left( {2\pi qz/L} \right)} \right]$$
(20.1) where L is the resonator length, R is the reflectance of the output coupling mirror, and z is the coordinate along the optical axis, starting at a mirror surface. The intensity minima exhibit a periodicity of half the wavelength of the axial mode λ q =2L/q Due to gain saturation this results in a modulated axial gain distribution, referred to as spatial holeburning. The modulation frequency depends on the axial mode order.


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