Muscle and Nerve Biopsies

  • Michael Swash
  • Martin Schwartz


The pathology of muscle and nerve is an important aspect of neuromuscular disease. Both muscle and nerve are readily accessible to biopsy; although many muscles can be biopsied the choice of nerve is restricted, since it is important that the procedure should not result in disability. Thus nerve biopsy is virtually restricted to the sural nerve, a sensory nerve. Muscle is a surprisingly complex organ and, since muscle biopsy is a selective procedure, it is important to sample a muscle that is representative of the disease under study. Since there are variations in composition of different muscles it is also important to take diagnostic biopsy samples from muscles for which normal data are available. In most laboratories the need for these correlations implies that deltoid, biceps brachii, triceps, vastus lateralis or tibialis anterior are the usual choices for the biopsy site.


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