Pulmonary Angiitis and Granulomatosis

  • Koichi Nishimura
  • Harumi Itoh
  • Sonoko Nagai
  • Masanori Kitaichi
  • Takateru Izumi


Sarcoidosis is characterized pathologically by non-caseating epithelioid cell granulomas in multiple organs; however, its etiology remains unknown. Although intrathoracic lesions are detected in almost all cases of sarcoidosis, pulmonary symptoms infrequently lead to the detection of patients. Sarcoidosis is more often found by chest radiographs, which are obtained during medical checkups, or because of symptoms of the skin and eyes. Extrathoracic lesions which cause certain symptoms are often detected in the eyes, the skin, the central nerves and the peripheral nerves. Although granulomatous lesions are histologically known to frequently form in the liver, lesions in the liver rarely cause symptoms.


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