Metabolic Disease

  • Marvin I. Schwarz
  • David Lynch


Uremia is associated with either acute or chronic renal failure. The pulmonary manifestations of uremia include pulmonary edema, pleuritis, an increased susceptibility to pneumonia, and metastatic pulmonary calcification. The origin of pulmonary edema secondary to uremia can have several etiologies. Firstly, left ventricular failure with cardiogenic pulmonary edema can result from the hypertension associated with the renal disease. Secondly, volume overload due to the poorly functioning kidney can contribute to pulmonary edema in these patients. However, in patients with worsening uremia and acidosis, pulmonary infiltrates can appear which cannot necessarily be attributed to volume excess and in the past this has been referred to as uremic pneumonitis [12]. The implication is that a toxin associated with the uremic state is somehow injuring the lung. This is a form of non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema due to alveolar epithelial injury and a subsequent capillary leak syndrome [3,4].


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