The Pathogenesis of Chronic Pancreatitis

  • J. P. Bernard
  • R. Laugier


In 1946, some authors proposed that chronic pancreatitis was the consequence of repeated attacks of acute pancreatitis because they found that acute lesions were often superimposed on chronic lesions (Comfort et al. 1946). But the converse could also be true, that acute lesions are a complication of chronic pancreatitis. If the assumption of these authors was correct, the age of onset of acute and chronic pancreatitis should be the same, and their aetiological data should be similar. In fact, the supposed cause, acute pancreatitis, is observed in patients 13 years older than those with chronic pancreatitis, the supposed consequence (Sarles et al. 1965). Moreover, aetiological data in patients presenting with acute or chronic pancreatitis are significantly different.


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