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This statement concerning varicocele was made by Amelius Cornelius Cellsus who lived from 42 b.c. to 37 a.d. and implies that the varicocele can give rise to atrophy of the testicle. The association between varicocele and subfertility became a matter of interest when Wilhelm (1937) and Hammen (1944) found that varicocele could influence spermatogenesis and when Tulloch (1952) reported the restoration of fertility to an azoospermic man. We still do not know the mechanisms by which a varicocele affects testicular function nor how often this occurs in the male population. Several theories, including increased scrotal temperature, retrograde flow of substances from the adrenal gland down the spermatic vein, and hypoxia of the germinal epithelium, are discussed in the literature. It is also a common belief that varicocele is associated with specific abnormalities of spermatozoal morphology. A marked improvement in semen quality and high rates of pregnancy after testicular vein ligation in many studies have been regarded as evidence in support of the role of varicocele in infertility. Recently, however, the efficacy of varicocelectomy in subfertile patients has been questioned.


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