The Bone Scan in Metastatic Disease

  • I. Fogelman
  • J. H. McKillop


In recent years there have been dramatic advances in all the imaging specialities, with growth of the use of ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scanning and the introduction of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). An integrated imaging approach to a specific problem is required for optimal results and the use of these newer modalities is discussed elsewhere in this book. Nevertheless, despite these changes the radionuclide bone scan remains unchallenged in its role of investigating skeletal pathology, because of its exquisite sensitivity for lesion detection and its ability rapidly to evaluate the whole skeleton. In contrast to routine radiology, sites such as ribs, sternum and scapula are clearly seen. The early experience of bone scanning was almost exclusively in patients with known malignancy and, while the role of bone scanning has now expanded to many benign situations, the identification of metastases still remains the most important indication for a bone scan. In this review we shall attempt to define the role of bone scanning in the detection and monitoring of skeletal metastases.


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