Hypospadias: the MAGPI Operation and Fistula Repair

  • R. H. Whitaker
Part of the Clinical Practice in Urology book series (PRACTICE UROLOG)


There must be as many operations devised for the repair of hypospadias as there are variations in the anatomy of hypospadias itself. This suggests that none is perfect. The search continues for a single-stage operation that results in a straight, neat penis with a meatus on the glans that points forwards. The two operations popularised by Duckett (Duckett 1981a,b), namely the MAGPI and the transverse preputial island flap repair have gone a long way towards providing operations to cover most situations, unless previous operations have exhausted the supply of skin. The MAGPI (Meatal Advancement and Glanuloplasty) operation is extraordinarily simple and safe, and yet it achieves as much in terms of an effective reconstruction as almost any other operation for distal hypospadias.


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