CSCW and Requirements Analysis: Requirements as Cooperation/Requirements for Cooperation

  • Laurence Brooks
  • Matthew Jones
Part of the Computer Supported Cooperative Work book series (CSCW)


Cooperation is defined as working together for a common purpose. It would therefore seem a suitable description of the process by which analysts and clients interact in developing the requirements for a computer-based information system (IS). In addition, as Howard (1987) notes, the term has positive connotations, evoking equal power relationships and mutual aid, which make it attractive as an epithet to be associated with the requirements process. Further, Kyng (1991) introduces cooperation as an important aspect of work for supporting computer application design to enhance quality of work and products. In principle, therefore, it would seem desirable that requirements analysis (RA)1 should be seen “as cooperation” (see also Macaulay 1992).


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