Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

  • J. W. Keeling


Sudden unexpected infant death (SUD) is a problem that regularly confronts any pathologist who performs necropsy examination on behalf of the coroner, procurator fiscal or medical examiner. Many of these deaths will remain unexplained even when all have been investigated in a thorough systematic way, and a wide variety of pathological abnormalities will be encountered (Byard and Cohle 1994). Routine examination of such infant deaths will include microbiological investigations as well as whole-body radiography, dissection of all viscera, including the brain, and histological examination of major organs. Samples of body fluids may also yield useful information. Recent experience suggests that in certain cases fresh frozen samples for possible toxicological examination should be kept until every aspect of the case has been considered, including a multidisciplinary case conference or review.


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