Non-infective Chronic Pancreatitis

  • Alan H. Cruickshank
  • Emyr W. Benbow


Following an international conference in 1963 (Sarles 1965), it was agreed that pancreatitis should be classified as: (1) acute pancreatitis; (2) relapsing acute pancreatitis; (3) chronic pancreatitis with acute exacerbations; and (4) chronic pancreatitis. In subsequent clinical practice, however, it was found almost impossible to distinguish between recurrences of acute pancreatitis and acute episodes in the course of chronic pancreatitis. Thus, at a second international conference (Gyr et al. 1984), the classification was simplified to: (1) acute pancreatitis and (2) chronic pancreatitis. In chronic pancreatitis the damage in the gland progresses whether there are acute exacerbations or not, whereas, in acute pancreatitis, with or without relapses, the damage can be arrested and further attacks prevented if a cause can be found and removed; gallstones are an example of such a cause.


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