Constant-Order Fractional Signal Processing

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Chapter 5 introduces the constant-order fractional signal processing techniques. The constant-order fractional signal processing techniques includes the simulation of constant-order fractional processes, constant-order fractional system modeling, fractional-order filter, and analogue realization of constant-order fractional systems. The relationship between constant-order fractional processes and constant-order fractional systems is investigated. Based on this relationship, the fractional Gaussian noise and fractional stable noise can both be simulated using the constant-order fractional integrator. In order to capture the long-range dependent property of the constant-order fractional processes, some constant-order fractional models, including FARIMA, FIGARCH and FARIMA with stable innovations were introduced. In addition, a fractional second-order filter G(s)=(s 2+as+b)γ and its asymptotic properties were studied. At the end of the chapter, the analogue realization of the constant-order fractional integrator and differentiator was provided to meet the needs of practical applications.


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