Rare Blood

  • Aleksandar Mijovic


A 26-year-old Nigerian woman is 16 weeks into her second pregnancy. The first pregnancy with the same partner was uneventful, and she gave birth to a healthy boy. An antibody reacting at 37°C with 10/10 panel cells is detected; the reaction is not affected by papain treatment of panel cells. The reaction with autologous cells is negative. The woman’s red cell phenotype is: O, C−, c+, D+, E−, e+, K−, k+, Jk (a+b+), Fy (a−b−), M+, N−, S−, s−. She had never been transfused.


Sickle Cell Anemia Autologous Blood Donation Panel Cell Nigerian Woman Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction 
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