Query Processing in PIOS

  • Fausto Rabitti
  • Leonardo Benedetti
  • Federico Demi
Conference paper
Part of the Workshops in Computing book series (WORKSHOPS COMP.)


An approach to query processing in object-oriented stores supporting physical data independence is proposed in this paper. In particular, the problem of query optimization (i.e. finding efficient execution plans for declarative queries) has been investigated. A set of rewrite rules has been defined in order to allow an algebraic optimization phase. A local search procedure, based on a cost model of the store, has been tailored to the task of physical optimization. To support the physical data independence in the store, a translation algorithm, dealing with the actual storage organization of the database, has been studied. A comprehensive example illustrates these mechanisms. Finally, performance results are presented.


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© British Computer Society 1995

Authors and Affiliations

  • Fausto Rabitti
    • 1
  • Leonardo Benedetti
    • 1
  • Federico Demi
    • 1
  1. 1.IEI-CNRPisaItaly

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