Augmenting Urethral Closure Pressure Profiles

  • Peter K. Sand
  • Donald R. Ostergard


Augmenting urethral closure pressure profiles are used to identify the voluntary ability of the patient to contract her periurethral and pelvic striated musculature around the urethra to effect an increase in intraurethral pressure. This effort is identical to that of progressive resistance exercise or Kegel’s maneuver and represents the urodynamic measure of this activity. In the prior chapter in Figure 15.2 we noted that the patient was not able to augment her urethral closure pressure nor functional length by contracting the pelvic floor. The absence of an increase in closure pressure and functional length during these profiles may represent a failure of the patient to understand the maneuver, partial or total denervation of the pelvic skeletal muscles, or a rigid fibrotic urethra which cannot respond to extrinsic efforts to increase intraurethral pressure.


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