Transvaginal Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer

  • R. P. S. Jansen
  • J. C. Anderson
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If the fallopian tubes are normal, it is appealing to use them when conception is to be assisted clinically (Jansen and Anderson 1992b). The advantages are several. First, an early intratubal location for gametes (Asch et al. 1985) or embryos (Yovich et al. 1987; Balmaceda et al. 1988) provides a better, or at least a more reliable, environment for embryonic development than might be expected with fertilisation and embryo culture in vitro. Second, the timing of embryo entry into the uterus will be determined more by endocrine events affecting the genital tract than by the operator’s judgement. And third, the direction of entry of embryos into the uterus will be from the tubes, not from the cervix. Several studies have shown that gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), as well as early embryo transfer to the tubes, as conventionally practised through the fimbrial end of the tube at laparoscopy, produce higher rates of pregnancy than do embryo transfers through the cervix to the uterus (Yovich et al. 1988; Devroey et al. 1989).


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