SP2 Sagittal diameter of cervical spinal canal/age, [radiography] Sagittal diameter of cervical spinal canal/height [radiography]

  • Holger Pettersson
  • Hans Ringertz


The sagittal diameter of the cervical spinal canal may be important in the evaluation of a possible intraspinal mass occupying lesion. Most authors measuring the sagittal diameter state that, regardless of age, the diameter either gradually decreases from C1 to C7 or diminishes from C1 to C3 and remains unchanged between C4 and C7. Yousefzadeh et al. (1982), however, pointed out that at ages below 11 years a slight widening of the lower cervical canal might exist in up to 30% of normal individuals. Therefore, the sagittal diameter is an uncertain measure for evaluation of possible intraspinal processes. However, it is valuable for assessing conditions that may lead to spinal stenosis. The present article was chosen as it is based on the largest amount of ‘normal’ material (Tables SP2.1 and SP2.2).


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