Introduction to CNMA Network Management

  • P. Martin
  • E. Arnould
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In today’s industries, networks are becoming more and more the backbone of automated systems. The ever increasing complexity of these networks requires powerful tooling to guarantee this efficiency and their maintenability. Network Management aims at satisfying these constraints by integrating all levels of policies for the control of CIM networks. This need is so obvious that it has become a strategic topic of standardization. This paper will introduce CNMA Network Management by providing an answer to the following questions: why do we need Network Management, how much does it save (and cost), what is it for and what is it?

The first section illustrates the relevance of management in networked computer systems. We show that it is not only useful to have management; it will often turn out to be indispensable due to the size, complexity and scale of the problems processed. The scale of the problem handled is presented in the second section. Section 3 presents a formal view of the problem space followed by a couple of usage scenarios. The last section presents the architecture selected to implement the CNMA network management.


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