Fetal Echocardiography

  • N. N. Musewe
  • J. F. Smallhorn
  • J. D. Dyck


In no other area of cardiology has the ability to obtain high resolution imaging and Doppler of small structures made such an impact on the rapid growth of knowledge as in fetal cardiology. In the early days of fetal cardiac ultrasound, interest was initially centered on diagnosis of fetal cardiac anomalies. This was rapidly superseded by the recognition of the importance of evaluation of cardiac physiology and wellbeing in utero when the utility of Doppler ultrasound for this purpose began to be appreciated. As a result, a large and growing body of literature documenting the characteristics of cardiac growth and blood flow in both normal fetuses and in those of mothers with various medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and connective tissue diseases, and in fetuses with cardiac arrhythmias has evolved. Some previously held beliefs extrapolated to the human fetus from fetal lamb studies have consequently had to be revised as a result of new information from these human fetal Doppler ultrasound studies.


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