Is There a Place for Reimplanting Ureters that Reflux?

  • Robert H. Whitaker
  • Philip G. Ransley
Part of the Clinical Practice in Urology book series (PRACTICE UROLOG)


The decision whether or not to reimplant a ureter with reflux is often a difficult one and is frequently based more on “gut feelings” than on any scientific assessment. It is interesting to ask from basic principles why one should consider reimplanting the ureter. Either one is reimplanting a ureter to prevent scarring of the kidney, which is, of course, a good indication but probably rarely achieved, or one is trying to prevent illness in the child. It seems that, on occasions, one definitely improves the general health of the child with re-implantation of the ureter. Of course, the same improvement in health can be achieved with antibiotics, but they give no guarantee that the reflux will stop whereas, hopefully, after an operation there is a very real chance that the reflux will stop. With antibiotics, when the course is finished, a reimplantation may still be necessary.


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  • Philip G. Ransley

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