Towards Precision Robotic Maneuvering, Survey, and Manipulation in Unstructured Undersea Environments

  • Louis Whitcomb
  • Dana Yoerger
  • Hanumant Singh
  • David Mindell


This paper reports recent advances in the precision control of underwater robotic vehicles for survey and manipulation missions. A new underwater vehicle navigation and control system employing a new commercially available 1,200 kHz doppler sonar is reported. Comparative experimental trials compare the performance of the new system to conventional 12 kHz and 300 kHz long baseline (LBL) acoustic navigation systems. The results demonstrate a hybrid system incorporating both doppler and LBL to provide superior tracking in comparison to doppler or LBL alone.


Global Position System Navigation System Tracking Performance Underwater Vehicle Vehicle Position 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Louis Whitcomb
    • 1
  • Dana Yoerger
    • 2
  • Hanumant Singh
    • 2
  • David Mindell
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringJohns Hopkins UniversityBaltimoreUSA
  2. 2.Deep Submergence Laboratory, Department of Applied Ocean Physics and EngineeringWoods Hole Oceanographic InstitutionWoods HoleUSA
  3. 3.MIT Program in Science, Technology, and SocietyCambridgeUSA

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