Correction of Superficial Reflux

  • John J. Bergan
  • Jeffrey L. Ballard


The observation by Myers1 40 years ago has stood the test of time and there is abundant evidence which shows that superficial venous reflux is an important component of the syndrome of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). In studying limbs with established deep venous thrombosis, Browse concluded that, “the development of a postphlebitic leg does not depend solely on the extent of the initial thrombosis and can apparently develop in the absence of thrombosis.”2 In a very wise analysis of the situation, he concluded that, “the lack of a simple correlation between the extent of thrombosis and the symptoms can be explained in two ways.” One was that the thrombus, its location, and extent did not highlight the critical aspect of the pathophysiology or that another factor was implicated. Today, we know that the other factor in addition to venous hypertension caused by superficial and deep reflux is adherence and activation of leukocytes in the area of most severe venous hypertension.


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