Lymph Node Aspiration Biopsy and Nodal Status in Penile Cancer

  • K. H. Rothenberger


In patients with penile cancer, as in those with other urological malignancies, treatment and prognosis are related to tumour staging. The main factor limiting the 5-year survival rate is the presence of nodal metastasis [1, 2]; therefore knowledge of the nodal status is decisive. As previously mentioned (see Chap. 29), lymphadenectomy cannot be proposed as a routine procedure because of the morbidity and mortality accompanying this surgery [3, 4]. Pedal lymphography is not completely satisfactory, and even penile lymphography in conjunction with surgical biopsy of the sentinel node, as proposed by Cabanas [4]. has shown some limitations [5]. For these reasons, we use aspiration cytology to complete preoperative staging of the disease.


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